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Company: Jiangsu Yuxing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd
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Company News
YUXING-First stage-protection,production stop and price increase
Publish Time:2018.04.29  Views:

    In recent years,Chemical industries suffer from the pressure from Environmental protection departments and safety supervision bureau. This kind of pressure has some similar characters like these departments checked through provinces and besides environmental protection departments,many other departments also get involved.with the help from satellites to check whether some factories sewage discharges sneakingly.These actions show that iron oxide pigment industry will be affected.

    As to such situation,on one part,some factory show their point of view,most of them support the environmental protection but when some problem made them have headache,because stopping producing will have a big effect on price and quality.

   On the other part,price for the raw material has increased so much that results in the price of iron oxide pigment higher than its raw material.

    So,we suggest that application field should cooperate with big factories because they will be guaranteed both in quality and price especially that factories that have been certified like Yuxing,from 2016,Yuxing Invested 0.12 billion to upgrade its environmental protection machines and now it is the lead in this field and quality is stable.Even now the raw material price has increase so much,Yuxing did not increase so much of its price which makes it the best options for its customers .

The goal for environmental protection departments this year is to battle against the protection against water,air and sand,and as a member of manufacturing,Yuxing should go follow its call.