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Company: Jiangsu Yuxing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd
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Company News
Architectural Color Aesthetics-The application of iron oxide pigment
Publish Time:2017.09.30  Views:

The most consumption field of iron oxide pigment is construction and coating. Recent years, only colorful grout consumes more than 7000 tons of iron oxide pigment yearly.

Besides flooring, concrete roof tiles、precast concrete、concrete block、color block and colorful grout in west Europe consumes large quantity of iron oxide pigment. Affected by European style, In North America and Canada, The consumption field is same as Europe,and 60% is in the field of construction.

Besides, In America the yearly consumption of iron oxide pigment is 50000 tons and 30000 tons are used in the field of construction; The consumption of iron oxide pigment  in the field of  Concrete floor materials increases sharply. 65% of iron oxide pigment in Canada are used in concrete and 10% in colorful grout. In Australia, the demand for iron oxide pigment increases with the increase of new building. America uses about 40000-50000 tons per year. The main field for iron oxide in America is concrete block and mostly iron oxide red、yellow、brown and black.

1:Color concrete product: concrete roof tiles、colored roof tiles ( paver、water permeable brick、 grass planting tiles), colored concrete block( split block、wall block and Art stone)

2:color cement

3:Cast-in-place color concrete

4:Dry color mortal series:Die floor and floor with colored reinforcing agent 、ST-TG、Color spraying mortar、Color self leveling cement  and so on

5:Artifical series:Like artificial marble、granite、block and so on

6:Color paste series:water based mills and oil based mills

7:Others:color release power and colored sand

Iron oxide pigment has good weather 、alkali and light resistance ,so it can be used as good coloring and in concrete, the use is below 10%, Yuxing brand will be use between 4%-8%.