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Company: Jiangsu Yuxing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd
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Because of coloring, so it’s brilliant
Publish Time:2017.08.28  Views:

    Look at the ancient times, when Pangu opened the sky, there was chaos in the world,  there was no such a colorful world. The age seems too far away from us, so let’s cut short 50 years, the cement walls, the concrete floors are the dull colors of the cement, and the gray colors are just monotonous to the people. However, with the continuous improvement of living level, by 1977, it was the responsibility of every Yuxing people to make the world colourful, and the natural color could not do this, so Yuxing people developed various colors. The iron oxide with color variety and various advantages is a outstanding representative.

    Iron oxide red is the main component of the rust of iron. In fact, iron oxide red is the chemical ferric oxide, the brown red powder,Yuxing people uses a certain process to produce the pigment to serve the society. The chemical properties of iron oxide are very prominent. For example, iron oxide red has a shiny brown color, it is bright and it is a good painting material. The using of iron oxide red is not easy to be affected by the environment and weather factors. As pigments, iron oxide red is excellent!

    Because of coloring, so it's brilliant. Yuxing, the Chinese largest iron oxide production factory, it is Yuxing’s responsibility to provide good quality of pigment to the general customers, Yuxing keeps the business philosophy of "Good quality, Good reputation " to provide good quality of iron oxide red and yellow to the general customers. Welcome all customers to choose and buy!