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Company: Jiangsu Yuxing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd
Name: Mr. Chen
Position: Sales Director
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E-mail: ct@yuxingpigment.com
Address:No.99 East HongTa Road, Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province,214201, P.R.China

Company News
Yuxing International competitiveness
Publish Time:2017.06.01  Views:

In the just-concluded China Coating Industry Association annual meeting , Yuxing as the deputy director unit of iron oxide iron oxide industry branch, discussed with some WTO members for our advanced products-iron oxide products which are defined by the Ministry of Commerce for the Zero Tariff policy , and agreed with the participants that this policy will do more good than ham in the future for the development of iron oxide pigment industry in our country, it will actively to meet the international challenges.  

Sustainable development of energy conservation and environmental protection is the focus of the work, the start, according to the company's future development needs, the factory workshop and backward part of the machinery, equipment upgrading, phase out backward production capacity and equipment, at the same time start the research and development of new building, science and technology project declaration, patent application for the new product development, yu star's core competitiveness.

As main drafter of iron oxide national standard GB/T 1863-2008, Yuxing are always at the forefront of planning enterprise future direction. In 2013, Yuxing invested one new plant, this new production bases apply the third generation of iron oxide production technology, which is low-carbon, green and clean. All the production process is equipped with DCS automatic control system. It increased iron oxide pigment capacity 200,000 tons per year, so Yuxing total iron oxide pigment annual capacity can match 300,000 tons per year.

Now Yuxing brand is famous Jiangsu Province trademark and Jiangsu Province famous-brand products. and Yuxing keeps making high and mid grade quality brand line, and the brand highlights are technology and culture. Yuxing make this as long-term strategic business objectives.